Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen, Which is Best?

So we have a very interesting topic for you, The All new Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen is a hot topic nowadays. Just kind of going over what it’s been like? We have used both the Apple pencil and Samsung S Pen and we are going to make a detailed comparison between both of them.

Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen

Both Apple and Samsung have captured most of the market with their products. Both produce top-quality products in the market and have a great market value. Products of both brands become bestsellers every year.

Samsung launched its first S pen in 2011 with its Galaxy Note smartphone, which is a great revolutionary move to the world.

Then Apple launched its apple pencil 1 in 2015 with more new features and attractive looks. Now in 2022 both have their latest products that we are going to review and make a detailed comparison on every aspect.

Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen

If you are an Apple lover or Samsung lover you should take a look at these comparisons so that you can choose your product wisely and according to your needs.

We will not make any decision on this comparison, it’s up to you which product you should choose according to your needs and which will be more comfortable for you.

So let’s start our Comparison of the Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen.

Here is the comparison of the Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen.

1. Design

So let’s start with the design department, as we can see Apple pencil is slightly taller than the S pen. Apple pencils come in white only unlike the S pen which comes in a few other color options to match the given tablets.

They have different tips, shapes, and sizes. S pens have a finer tip compared to Apple pencils. They both have cylindrical bodies except for one side that is flat to make it easy to attach to the tablets. Both pencils are easy to hold and have a great grip.

Samsung S Pen is more optimized to AMOLED displays, because almost all Samsung’s smartphones have AMOLED displays on them.

If we talk about the Apple pencil, This second-generation Apple pencil has been improved to be more comfortable as compared to the first Gen Apple pencil. it has more soft-touch although it has a little bit more soft feel. it feels Natural to hold just like a natural pencil.

Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen

It has only one tip which seems to be a little bit thick. The thickness of this pencil and a kind of plastic feel have their own disadvantages.

it makes a tapping sound every single time when we start typing any word or when It touches the screen. some people do not like that tapping sound because they say that it losses that natural feel.

Now the S pen does have a kind of natural feel and natural touch. it definitely feels like a natural pen. it is softer to the touch and the exciting feature of this pen is the feedback. it has great feedback as compared to the S pen.

Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen

Now it has the finer tip which is missing in the apple also has that comfortable look and a flat side to attach to the Tab. its magnet somewhere feels less powerful. So what is your opinion on the physical overview of the Apple pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen?

2. ergonomics

If we talk about the Apple pencil, it does not have any physical button on it but it is touch-sensitive. it has some gestures like double-tap to access another function. it has a nice tilt function and is good for drawing.

It is well optimized to perfectly sync with iPad OS, this is the reason that people are preferring it for drawing purposes. Because it is well optimized with drawing Apps.

Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen

It has great tracking and it is currently the most modern apple pencil on the market. To charge this pencil you just have to simply attach it to the side of the Ipad. It wirelessly charges the pencil which seems really impressive. The magnet feels really strong When compared to that of the S pen.

The S pen is definitely better than the Apple pencil when taking notes because it feels like you are just writing on actual paper. it has that soft screen resistance and pressure levels that are unmatched by the Apple pencil.

Now it has the finer tip which is missing in the apple pencil. The finer tip increases the accuracy of movements. also, you do get a couple of options to change the tips. Spen is going ahead in the comparison of Apple pencil 2 Vs Samsung S pen

Just like the apple pencil, this is the modern S pen in the market. It is very much improved when compared to 1st generation S pen. it is softer, faster. Also, it is packed with more features compared to a lot of previous S pens.

Apple Pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen

The S Pen has a dedicated button to access additional functions and you can do this both when it is charged and when it is not charged.

In order to access the remote functions you would actually need to charge the pen but otherwise for the rest of the time if you don’t have a charge or you run out of battery you can still use it but you just won’t access the remote capabilities.

When we come to latency comparison, on paper the latency of both the pens is an edge to edge but the reality is different here. When we use the Note pad of the respective pads we can clearly see that the S pen is more on the dot with barely any gap between the tip and the line when compared with the apple pencil.

So that’s all about our comparison of the Apple pencil 2 Vs Samsung S Pen.

3. In Hand Feel

Now here comes the practical aspect of these pencils. are these feel comfortable in the hands? if you are buying a pencil worth 150-160 dollars and even then it is not that comfortable then you are putting yourself in this technology trap. You think that you have been made a wrong choice which worth over 100 dollars. So without any waste of time let’s find out are these two pencils comfortable or not?

Apple pencil 2

apple pencil 2 vs samsung s pen

Now the Apple pencil is now more advanced in specs and also thinner than the previous one. it is handier to hold it but not for a long time. This is because of its shape it is nearly round in shape so there is not any resting area for the fingers. round shapes make a pricking feel in fingers after a long time of holding it especially if you are writing something with it.

So it is Good But not for a long time of holding it for writing stuff other than that this will not bother you at all for other skills like drawing, video editing, and all other stuff.

Samsung S Pen

apple pencil 2 vs samsung s pen

Like Apple, Samsung is also continuing the optimization of its products for a better user experience. Now this generation of Samsung S Pen has come with an exceptional amount of optimization and improvisation in practical user experience.

In this debate of Apple Pencil 2 vs Samsung S Pen, Samsung beat the Apple Pencil 2 in the “In hand feel” compartment. It is more practical in daily life and also it does not have a round shape and has more rest areas for fingers for a long time holding without any discomfort.

You can hold this pencil for a very long time without any discomfort even in writing and all other kinds of stuff, it’s just commendable. Also, its low latency doesn’t feel bored at any stage.


As we talked about above it’s up to you which pen suits your lifestyle. if you are more Android users and you don’t have any apple products or you don’t wanna go into the Apple ecosystem then S pen is for you But if you like the apple ecosystem and you use it continuously in day-to-day life Because there are some Apps that are only available in Apple IOS then you can go with Apple pencil 2.


Is Apple pencil 2 faster?

As we discussed above S pen has faster experience than the Apple pencil 2. S pen feels more natural as it barely has the gap between the tip and the line while writing.

Which has a better Tip?

Here Samsung is the clear winner because Samsung has a finer tip and has great feedback, whereas Apple has a thicker tip which somewhere looks uncomfortable.

Which is Better in day-to-day life?

So if are an Apple user and you always use IOS Apps in your daily life then the Apple pencil is the best option for you Because the optimization of Apple pencil with IOS is commendable but if you are an android user and you don’t have any experience in the Apple ecosystem then you should go for S pen.

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