So when you purchase a new phone it seems fast and feels good but over time it starts getting slow whether it is of flagship-level or midrange level or main entry level of smartphone. they start getting slow over the time of 6-8 months.

so in this article, I suggest you some tips and tricks to faster your smartphone in just 5 minutes. so let’s start our article “tips to make your phone faster”

why smartphones get slow over time?

so the question arises that why smartphones get slow over time?

In most the cases the get slow when the internal storage of the phone is out of space. because when the storage of the phone got out of space it is more difficult to the processor to handle such a big amount of data that resist to make your phone faster.

your phone starts to feel sluggish once its memory starts to fill up. the write and read speed of NAND (NAND flash is a type of nonvolatile memory that is accessed like a mass storage device like hardware) flash drives (internal storage memory) slow down this result in the slow down of your phone.


1. uninstall/Disable unwanted apps.

The main and the most common reason for slowing your phone is the storage fragmentation, means your phone is running out of space, that cause the apps running in the background. which results in the consumption of CPU resources.

if you install lot of unwanted apps that you do not use daily then please uninstall them. they are using your phones lot of memory and slowing your phone.

This is very important to uninstall bloatwares from your device. make sure that there is no unwanted app in your phone that is consuming your CPU resources.

images min

if that app is not uninstalling cause that is your device’s own app then go to settings and disable it.

after this, the app will not run in the background and give some relief to your CPU.

2. Delete unwanted media.

we have seen that there are many unwanted images and videos in our phones that we do not need but there are in our device. they taking a bulk of your storage and degrading your phone’s performance.

especially there are videos in our phone that we haven’t seen before but they exist in your smartphones. the main source of these videos are social media.

there is one group of social media in everyone’s phone that share a bulk of videos in the chat and your phone auto-install it . you don’t even see that videos but they are there in your phone.

so make sure that you delete unwanted videos and photos from your device to experience a smooth performance of your device. if you want that photos then there are many options there.

you can move those photos to the pen drive or something else. you can also back up your photos to google cloud. so that your storage never goes out of space.

That is one of the important tips to make your phone faster.

3. use a fast SD card.

when we buy a phone if it has dedicated SD card slot. we put a cheap quality SD card to it. which results in the slow down of your device.

cheap SD cards do not have fast storage so they have more reading and writing time as compared to expensive one which has fast storage.

people are more often to buy cheap SD cards because they have attractive prices and are easily available in the market but they are slowing down your phone.

4. Remove widgets from home screen.

Now smartphone companies are installing number of new widgets in their phones and people are taking it as a good sign.

it is good but for long period of time when your start slow down. its the time to remove that widgets.

The main purpose of those widgets is to make your job done in less time or to ease your work but they are consuming your CPU resources to run.

some of the common widgets are google search bar, weather forecast, etc but if you are struggling with your phone so you have to do an extra step.

make your phone faster
some common widgets

5. disable animations from your device.

animations make the device premium and interesting to use but it is one of the major reasons for the degradation of your phone’s performance. so if you facing the problem of slow performance of your phone then immediately turn off your phone’s animation

Follow these steps:

step1: go to settings and click on about phone.

step2: go to software info.

step3: then click on build number 7 times.

step4: now go to menu page of settings here you can see the developer option just above the about phone.

step5: now simply turn off the window animation option, transition animation option, and animation duration option.

make your phone faster
Turn off these settings

ITS ALL DONE, now you can feel your phone more faster and responsive.

That was one of the important tips to make your phone faster.

6. Update your phone regularly (especially security patch).

Phone companies give regular updates to their smartphones as they wanted to give a better and smoother performance. also companies add new features to smartphones through updates.

so we install that update in our smartphones to stay updated with latest features. some people do not update their smartphones as they think it will harm their device or fill up their storage but that’s not the case.

smartphone companies also give security patch updates. which are very important to install in the device to stay updated about your security of the phone. so next time please install security patch update in your smartphones.

BONUS POINT: Please check your update before installing it that if your phone support that update or not (some heavy updates)

That’s all in our blog “best tips to make your smartphones faster”.

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