Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III, Which is best?

Today we are going to compare the Canon R6 and Sony A7 III. in this comparison of Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III, Sony A7 III is more popular than Canon R6. Most of the wedding shoots and photography are done by Sony A7 III. Most wedding photographers prefer this camera.

so let’s see the comparison between these two cameras that which camera is best for you and which camera suits your requirements. if we are going to compare these two cameras so let’s start with a design comparison.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III: Design

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III

If we talk about the handgrips of both the cameras, the canon r6 has a more comfortable and large handgrip than the Sony a7 iii. In general, all the cameras of Canon’s R series are comfortable and have a deep and comfortable handgrip, because they are making DSLRs for ages and they know how to make a comfortable in-hand feel of a camera.

Users have to hold the camera for hours and they should feel comfortable for a long time, that’s why in-hand feel is important.

Now if we talk about the Sony A7 series, They have a good in-hand feel but are not as comfortable as the Canon. They are making professional cameras for years but they have to work on their in-hand feel of the camera as well.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III

By the way, Sony A7 III has settled a benchmark for the camera industry. They are making commendable cameras for the last few years and people are liking it.

Now we move on to the rare side of the camera. Now if we talk about the display of the Canon r6, It comes with Vari-angled display. It also has one more interesting feature in it that, its menu system is very easy to navigate. You can change your settings very easily compared to the Sony a7 iii.

if you ever use these two cameras you can clearly notice that Canon is easier to navigate than Sony a7 iii.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III: Technical specifications

Canon has more viewfinder than Sony a7 iii. Canon r6 has 3.2 Million viewfinder dots whereas Sony a7 iii has 2.3 Million viewfinder dots. So Canon has one more advantage over Sony a7 iii.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III: Sensor comparison

Now if we talk about sensor comparison, Canon has a 20MP 1DXMarkIII sensor and Sony is using a 24.2MP Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor. here sony has used next-generation technology has improved so much.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III

As we discussed above Canon has a better design and in-hand feel than Sony but here Sony is the game-changer. As we earlier said Sony has settled a benchmark in the camera industry, Here we can see it.

If we talk about low light photography Sony is clearly the winner. it produces more enhanced images due to the 24.2MP Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor. BSI CMOS technology makes a generation gap here. It is next-generation technology and is far better than Canon’s sensor. It will surely make a huge difference until Canon shifts to BSI CMOS technology.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III

Sensor wise Sony is better than Canon. because they are upskilling their technology with time, Where Canon is somewhere lacking.

Nowadays cameras are loaded with features but the main part of the camera is the sensor which they are ignoring. So here is our opinion on sensors comparison.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III: Auto-focusing Points

So lets talk about Aouto-focusing points, Canon R6 has 100% coverage. AF points are 100% fabricated that is one of the best thing in Canon r6 camera. Canon R6 has 1056 auto-focusing zones which is literally more than the AF points of A7 III camera which is 693 phase AF points.

But that was AF zones of Canon, So what are the AF points? AF points of Canon r6 are 6072 AF points which is great. So when we a capturing still images with Canon r6 camera then we get active 6072 AF points which further Canon has distributed it into1056 AF zones to make it easy to select for user when they are switching to manual AF selection mode.

when we shoot a video then some of the portion of the sensor remains unused, so let’s see how may AF points will be active in Video AF system.

When we shoot video with Canon r6 then 819 AF Zones are active and whereas in Sony A7 III there are 693 phase AF Points active. if we talk about Canon in AF Points so it is nearly about 5000 AF Points which is lesser than when we capture a still image.

SO here Canon has far better AF system than Sony. Canon has advanced AF system which accurately track the objects when compared to the A7 III. So Sony needs an upgrade to its Auto-focusing system.

Canon has 12 FPS Mechanical shutter with AF/AE and 20 FPS Electric shutter with AF/AE. On the other hand Sony A7 III has Max 10 FPS With AF/AE.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III: Buffer Memory

Buffer memory is how many images you can load in your camera in single burst shooting. So if we talk about Canon R6 it has very large buffer of about 1000 JPEG in single burst and you can put 250 RAW files in single burst. which is massive.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III

In A7 III there is170 JPEG in single burst and 77 RAW files in single burst. which is far lesser than Canon R6. Canon R6 is superior undoubtedly because it gives higher frame rate shooting speed and higher density AF points than Sony Which is nearly 6 times more than the Sony. so sony needs to improve in their specs so that people get a value for money product.

As Canon R6 is giving 6-7 times better specs than Sony A7 III here so somewhere a buyer can shift to Canon which has more attractive features than Sony A7 III.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III: Video Recording Modes

So when we talk about Video recording modes, Canon R6 is capable of giving 4:2:2 10-bit Log output and as we know Sony is limited at 8-bit 4:2:0 output. So if you are a video editor so you always prefer 10-bit video. It is a huge difference in these cameras.

Canon R6 is proving a great details than Sony A7 III. Other than that both cameras records 4K video at similar frame rates. Both use oversampling and at Full HD video recording you get 120 FPS on both the cameras.


I hope you have liked our review of Canon R6 and Sony A7 III. So if you ask us about our opinion then, it is clear that Canon R6 is better option than Sony A7III. It has more features than Sony and has a huge difference in features nearly about 6-7 times.

If you are a sports photographer and vediographer then Canon R6 is for you and is best in almost every aspect because it has higher frame rates which is great in tracking the fast moving objects. Design wise also Canon is the winner here, It is easier to handle for long time than Sony A7 III.

If you are a content created or a video editor then also Canon is a great option for you because it has 10-bit video which is a major feature for a video editor.

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III

Canon R6 vs Sony A7 III


Is Canon R6 better than Sony A7 III?

Clearly yes, Canon R6 is a better option over Sony A7 III in every aspect.

Which has a good camera sensor?

Canon is good in most of the aspects but in camera sensors Sony is winner here. Sony A7 III has better camera sensor than Canon R6 which produce more enhanced images in low light.

Which is good for sports photography?

Undoubtedly, Canon is a great option for Sports photography. because it has high refresh rates which is great in tracking fast moving objects.


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