How to Fix Diversion WiFi no access Android

Today we will show you How to Fix Diversion WiFi no access Android 2022 or How to fix wifi connected but no internet issues.

Technically, the WiFi network is used to provide internet access to the people connected to the particular network. However, it is not the only function of the WiFi network. The WiFi network can be used for many other things and can be used as a medium to transfer the data between the devices connected to it.

Users are facing the issue of “Diversion WiFi no access Android” and hence it is becoming a big problem for the users.

Here are the ways to fix Diversion wifi no access android

How to Fix Diversion WiFi no access Android

Reboot your WiFi Router

The regular usage of wifi without any restart to the router can make the router misfunction. As routers are made for the day to day usage but sometimes under warm conditions they need a restart for their proper functioning.

If we skip that restart every single day, after some days, it’ll start misfunctioning. This can be a hang-in system or a problem in connection. so keep restarting your wifi router regularly for a safe and seamless experience.

There are also chances of malware in the routers, so from where does it come? so there can be two major things that are responsible for this. One is the weak password and the second one is the remote administrative access.

Most of the routers have weak passwords and remote administrative access by default. so look up your router online and go to the settings, change the password and remove the remote administrative access.

The router has a memory and the malware stays in the router’s memory, the memory is volatile here if you shut down or restart the router it’ll vanish and start like a new one. That’s why the FBI says that turn off your routers when not in use.

Check the Internet on another Android Phone

There might be a possibility that only your phone’s connection is not working well. Then check the internet on the other phones in your home. if the internet is working well on them then it might be something wrong with your phone.

This can also be with the heating issue of your phone. Phones do not work well if they are overheated. so wait until your phone gets cool down and then check again if it’s working or not. There are chances that it starts working otherwise you should contact your phone’s customer care service.

Forgot your WiFi Password and enter again

As we already discussed that there can be possibilities of misfunctioning of the router for some reasons like heating, or regular use without restarting. In this situation, forgetting the password and setting up a new password would be the better option.

To forget the password go to the online website of your service provider and after verifying your ownership tap on the forgot password. Then set a new password and it should not same as the previous one because it can be another reason that we don’t know about.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post today on how to fix wifi connected but no internet or Fix Diversion WiFi no access Android.

The internet is such a big part of our lives that we can’t imagine how we managed without it. But unfortunately, the internet can be a tricky thing and it often stops working, or the wifi connection gets lost.

If you’re having problems connecting to the internet with your wireless device, we hope this post has been helpful.

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How to fix Diversion wifi no access android?

Here are some ways that you can try to fix this error-
Restart your router
Disconnect and connect wifi again
Contact customer support

How to fix wifi connected but no internet issues?

Try rebooting the modem, router and any connected devices and then check the modem lights to see if they are all on. If they are, then your internet service provider is most likely experiencing issues that they will have to resolve on their end.

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