5 Tips to increase the battery life of android phones

today we will learn how to increase the battery life of android phones. When we buy a new smartphone it works well and seamlessly. But over time it starts degrading its performance especially battery life. Smartphones’ battery life is a major issue nowadays because of our irresponsive behavior to our smartphones.

Before knowing to increase battery life we should know some basic but important tips to increase the battery life of the android phone.

there is charging and discharging cycle of the smartphone’s battery. charging cycle means when you charge your smartphone 0%-100% it completes one charging cycle. Now according to some lithium battery manufacturers after 400 charging cycles battery performance degrades to 20%.

Now you know some of the basic knowledge about batteries. Now we can start our article about how to increase mobile battery life. we do our research about what can be the major reasons that degrade the battery performance. if you follow these steps you will definitely able to increase your battery performance.

Here are some tips to increase the battery life of android phones

1. Do healthy charging of your phone

Doing a healthy charging to your phone is very important as you should know that how to charge my phone well which do not put stress on your smartphone’s battery.

Start charging your phone when it goes below 20% it is a good step because when your battery goes below 20% it puts extra stress on your phone.

which is not a good sign for smartphones and charge your phone up to 85%-90% not more than that. Reason is same that it will put extra stress on your battery.

50% battery is the best level where the phone feels good and does not feel any extra load and performs great with great efficiency. if you are only doing this your battery life will increase by 20% for sure.

this is the first step you should follow to increase the battery life of android phones. lets go to the 2nd step.

2. Avoid Fast charging

increase the battery life of android phones

Nowadays almost all Smartphone companies launching their smartphones with fast charging like 50w Charging that charges your smartphone in just 25 minutes.

it seems very interesting and time saver but that’s not the case at all. But do you know the more fast charging the more stressed your battery feels?

fast charging puts an extra load on your battery which can decrease the battery’s life as well as efficiency at the same.

The more fast charging the more heat will generate in your smartphone and heat is the biggest enemy of our smartphone’s battery.

if your phone is heating too much after charging fast charging because slow chargers do not produce as much heat so be aware your phone’s battery is damaging and it will continuously damage until you stop using fast charging.

There is a bonus tip for you that never charge your phone with a phone case. it will produce more heat as the phone case will trap heat and do not allow the heat to come out which can cause overheating. you already know that heating is dangerous and imagine overheating how much dangerous it is.

3. Use original charger to charge

increase the battery life of android phones

Most of people do not bother that what charger is they are using to charge their smartphones. they are unaware that it is harming their phones. Make sure when you charge you smartphone charge it with its original charger. Do not use third party chargers to charge your phones.

If your charger is damaged then please do not use another charger. it will harm your phone’s battery. We know that it will cost you a bit expensive but it is the only safe option.

This also applies to the cables. Do not use another power cable to charge your phone.

This is one of the important points to increase the battery life of android phones.

4. Use Dark wallpapers

If you have a phone with AMOLED Screen then the use of Black wallpaper can increase your battery efficiency. Because in NON- AMOLED Screens there is a sheet of pixels and there is one source of light behind the sheet. so there is no advantage of black wallpaper in NON AMOLED Screens.

But in AMOLED Screens every pixel has its light. so when we put black wallpaper on AMOLED Screen it will turn off all pixels where there is the black part. which helps to increase battery health because the Display uses most of the battery (more than the CPU).

Also, Always manually change the brightness of the phone. Do not use adaptive brightness, because adaptive sensors take the battery.

5. Software updates

Whenever a software update comes, we immediately install that update but we should not install the update immediately.

We have to wait for some days before we can install the update. the reason behind that is sometimes updates have bugs that can harm your phone. wait for some days till the company know about the bug and fix it.

Around in 3-4 days, the company come to know about bugs if there. after that, they give a new clean update that you can install without any worry. This step is not an important step to increase the battery life of android phones but treats it as advice.


I hope you have liked the tips that we have mentioned above. the conclusion comes that we should take our smartphone’s battery health seriously.

Never got trapped by the smartphones companies that we are giving you Fast chargers and all that. do not use third-party battery saver apps nowadays phones are enough capable to provide you with their battery saver.

Do not charge your phone in a rough atmosphere like extremely hot or extreme cold always charge your phone at room temperature not outside the home. so it’s all about our article tips to increase the battery life of android phones.

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Q1- Can we charge our smartphone overnight?

Ans- We can charge it with a slow charger but do not charge it with a fast charger. it will overheat can be dangerous.

Q2- Can we charge our phone up to 100%?

Ans– The simple answer is NO because it can produce extra stress on your battery. charge up to 85-90% is a great option.

Q3- Can we charge our phone with phone case?

Ans- As we discussed above charging your phone with phone case can overheat your phone. which can be dangerous.

Q4- How to turn off background data to save battery?

Ans- Simply turn on your phone’s battery saver. it will automatically turn off all the background running apps.

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