Today we are going to answer a question that is in everybody’s mind, what is the difference between IPS LCD Vs AMOLED Display. Simply we are going to talk about the difference between IPS LCD and AMOLED Display. Is there any major difference or a slight difference between them?

ips lcd vs amoled

We are going to tell everything, how they are made? I am not going to explain deeply like manufacturing process but in basic words that everyone can understand. which should I buy or which should not? which is good for gaming?, everything.

Most of the smartphones are coming with AMOLED Displays. Some mid-range mobiles have an LCD Display. Nowadays there is big hype between LCD and AMOLED but we will let you know everything that is good for gaming and which is good for watching content.

1. LCD

 ips lcd vs amoled

Now here is LCD. the full form of LCD is “Liquid Crystal Display”. So here is the main and the most important difference, when we see a display there is light behind it which make the screen bright and through which we able to see it.

Therefore, In LCD there is a sheet of pixels in front and a single source of light is situated behind the sheet.it is like a big bulb, it’s like a glowing sheet that gives light to the pixels that are in front of them. light is slightly uniform from behind. which is a downgrade in it. because you don’t get the perfect uniform brightness on your display.

But It will not observe in daily life but when we compare LCD with AMOLED then we can find a slightly noticeable difference. LCD is cheaper than AMOLED. The main reason behind it is that the process of making an LCD panel is so simple and it is not much expensive.

From this, Smartphones with LCD panels are cheaper than other OLED smartphones.

Second thing is that if your display gets damaged, it is easy to replace and it is cheaper also. The whites of the LCD panels are brighter. I am not saying good quality whites but brighter whites.

There is not such a problem with an LCD panel. There are many good LCD panels of smartphones in the market which doesn’t look cheap at all they are very good in every aspect. But some companies use cheap quality LCD panels, which result in the light bleed which doesn’t look nice.

In IPS LCD Vs AMOLED, IPS LCD has more life span than the AMOLED.


ips lcd vs amoled

AMOLOED panels have great hype in the market nowadays. everyone wants AMOLED Display but why? Let’s see what is an AMOLED Display and how its made?

The full form of AMOLED is ” Active-Matrix organic light-emitting diode” So we have talked about the major difference of these screens above that is Light source, now let’s see how light source work in AMOLED Displays.

In AMOLED Displays every Diode has its own light. A sheet of LEDs provides every Diode its light. they do not depend upon one source of light. AMOLEDs are more power-efficient than LCD.

The main reason behind it is When Display has to show Black colors the LEDs on that black color are turned off, which results in deeper blacks. which look great When we use Multimedia. Color accuracy increases with the use of AMOLED Display. Color contrast is more eye-pleasing in these Displays.

ips lcd vs amoled

Viewing angles of AMOLED screen is great according to LCD screen. There is no color fainting on changing the angle of viewing.

Both have their Pros and Cons. As we talked about above LCD panels are cheaper and are easy to replace but here is not the case. AMOLED Displays are expensive and take more effort to replace. it is very expensive to replace an AMOLED Display.

So because of individual LEDs AMOLED displays have in build fingerprint sensor. because they capture your thumb prints more accurately.

Like LCD Displays AMOLED Displays also have Cons. Sometimes in AMOLED Displays individual LEDs turn off due to some malfunctioning that is called ‘Burning’. This happens when on a certain part of a screen one color is continuously in that place for so long time that causes burning.

AMOLED Displays have a lesser life span than LED Displays because AMOLED screens have an organic film in them and we know anything organic which means it has less life span. when that organic film finishes screen stops responding and it is expensive to replace as discussed above. It’s not like within 1 year when we talk about less life span it means at least 4-5 years.


We have discussed IPS LCD Vs AMOLED Displays. we talked about some of the basic differences between these Displays. We hope you have liked our work. now if we talked about which screen should we prefer. so its up to you which you should buy according to your needs.

if you ask me which you should go for, then I would say if you are a gamer and you want a fast refresh rate you should go with LCD panels because if you are a gamer you just need a fast refresh rate you do not want that punchy colors and all that.5 Best Online Multiplayer Games with Voice Chat

ips lcd vs amoled

If you have more money then you can go with AMOLED display smartphones and if you love watching multimedia then you should go with AMOLED.

So that’s all in our article ” IPS LCD Vs AMOLED Displays, We hope have liked it.


Which Display is power efficient?

AMOLED Displays are more power efficient than LCD Displays because LCD Displays have a backlight which consume more battery

Does AMOLED have high refresh rate?

Generally in the market IPS LCD Displays come with 90HZ and 120HZ refresh rate but phones with AMOLED Screens come with 60HZ or 90HZ displays

Is LCD good for eyes?

LCD panels with higher refresh rate can help you to see clearly if you are particularly sensitive to blurriness

It’s all about IPS LCD Vs AMOLED. I hope you have liked it, Thank you.

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