The style box UK fashion lifestyle blog 2022

This blog is about The style box UK fashion lifestyle blog. The Style Box is a UK lifestyle blog that is a must-read for anybody interested in style and beauty.

It is a place where you may get ideas, suggestions, and inspiration for your own style.

The Style Box UK blog was established in 2006 by Lauren and her sister Sophie. When they were both living in London at the time, they were both looking for a way to share their passion for fashion with the rest of the globe.

The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog

The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Fashion blogs are an excellent source of clothing inspiration. They can help you choose the right apparel and accessories to complete your look. The fact that they are not simply for fashionistas is the most appealing aspect. You don’t have to be a fashion icon to appreciate them.

Due to the wide variety of fashion blogs available, you may choose one that appeals to your particular taste.

Girls may submit photos of themselves wearing outfits they have fashioned for the blog’s weekly “What I Wore This Week” piece. The “In My Closet” part of Emma’s website also features her most beloved outfits. Here are some further popular blogs:

1. Tess Montgomery

Famous The Style Box blogger Tess Montgomery UK Fashion Lifestyle is an Australian individual. Tess Montgomery, a blogger, writes on her site about fashion. She has 938 and more than 315k followers on Instagram. Her blog entries discuss her relaxed hobbies and gradual love of fashion.

Melbourne-based fashion blogger Tess Montgomery posts photos of her daily life and talks about slow fashion. Her Instagram account has almost 315k followers, making it one of the most popular Australian accounts there.

2. Jayde Pierce

Jayde Pierce, a social media influencer, also has a big Instagram following.

Jayde Pierce, an Instagram influencer, has 442 followers and more than 909k active users. She posts pictures and videos that show her life, travels, and style.

She appears in stunning pictures on her Instagram feed wearing only the most classic, monochromatic attire. On YouTube, Pierce shares her everyday activities as well as fashion and beauty advice.

She additionally publishes blog posts on subjects including inspiration, exercise, travel, and beauty.

3. Monikh Dale

She is presently represented by a reputable modeling agency, works as a beauty editor for Wardrobe Icon and Who Wear, and has her own website.

Dale’s fashion sense is evident in her Instagram postings, which feature traditional attire with a contemporary touch. Her blog includes articles about eco-friendly fashion clothing editing and style tips.

Dale uses traditional clothes with a sophisticated twist in her Instagram images, showcasing her aesthetic. Her website also includes articles about sustainable fashion – current trends, a fashion editor, and style advice.

4. Olivia & Alice

Olivia and Alice aren’t twins, but it’s their thing. A short glance at their Instagram page reveals their matched outfits and vibrant looks.

These London-based sisters profess to eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. They founded their own firm, “Amelia Jane London,” in 2014, and sell pom-pom bobble hats, caps, and scarves.

Following the launch of their individual firms, the two entrepreneurs also launched their blogs and Instagram profiles at the same time. They had distinct websites up until this point, but it made sense to unite their Instagram profiles as well.

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The Style Box UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog will provide you with an in-depth look at fashion with the assistance of prominent specialists in designing and leading the way.

They are well-known models, designers, and stylists with large social media followings. You may entirely rely on and shape your own personal style.

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