Motorola has made sure to get in on this game with a long-awaited announcement for the "X30 Special Edition".

It exhibits the punch-hole free version of its 144Hz display

as promised back in September 2021, although the rest of its series' specs remain the same. 

This means the camera now capable of hiding under an X30 front panel is still 60MP, and is still controlled with the help of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

The Special Edition also still comes in Glacier Blue and seems to have just 1 12GB RAM/256GB SKU.

That is where its pricing gets interesting. Motorola has set its cost through retail at 3,999 yuan (~US$630) -

however, those who reserve it from now until March 30, 2022 can do so for just 3,499 yuan (~$551)

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