Last year, Realme launched the Realme Pad. As it turned out, the Realme Pad was a budget offering

featuring a Helio G80 SoC and low-end hardware. After that and the even more low-end Realme Pad Mini

Realme now looks set to launch a proper tablet—the Realme Pad 5G.

Reportedly, the Realme Pad 5G will arrive with a 2.5K 120Hz LCD

A Snapdragon 870 under the hood, and an 8360 mAh battery

In comparison, the Xiaomi Pad offers a 11-inch 2.5K 120 Hz LCD

And a Snapdragon 860, and an 8720 mAh battery

It is going to be a rival of Xiaomi Pad 5, In addition it is giving more features than Xiaomi Pad 5

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