Amplifier comes with average dimensions of 86 x 11.5 x 6 cm.

metal grille protecting the speakers at the front, the quality of the plastic used here leaves something to be desired

The top surface easily picks up fingerprints and is slightly reflective

On the back are an HDMI input and output, an optical S/PDIF input, an S/PDIF RCA input and a USB-A port.

Like the general build quality, the Soundbar 3.1 channel doesn’t particularly shine with its audio performance

Whether it’s just for listening to music with music mode or virtualization in cinema mode, the tape delivers an unbalanced presentation.

strength point – It is very easy to work with (full controls, screen on the front). – full connection.

Weak point – Very expressive subwoofer, uncontrolled bass. – Unnatural sound reproduction (pinched metal side).

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